Fight Prophecy has predicted 8 events and achieved an overall accuracy of 71.13%.


Fight Prophecy is a statistical analysis site for MMA. Primarily, it provides predictions on upcoming events. It was created and is maintained by a former competitor. Fight Prophecy doesn't take opinions or feelings into account when making predications; it cares only about the data and what conclusion that data supports.

This site is for educational purposes only. Predictions are not guarenteed and I do not assume responsibility for their accuracy.

Why are there only UFC fight cards?

I'm working hard to add Bellator and other promotions to Fight Prophecy; however, these promotions do not do a great job of publishing statistics about their fighters. The UFC does a fantastic job of this, and it's for that reason that Fight Prophecy can exist and be so accurate.

TL;DR: There's not enough data from other organizations to provide meaningful predictive analysis.

What stats do you use to make predictions? Can I see your algorithm?

Wouldn't you like to know? ;)

Fight Prophecy uses a concept known as machine learning. At a high level, this means that we analyze past fights for data points that seem correlated to victory, and we apply that to future bouts to generate an outcome.